The University of Florida Veterinary Business Management Certificate Program offers DVM candidates the opportunity to gain valuable business knowledge that is unavailable at many other veterinary colleges. To complete the certificate, students must earn 10 credits of business-related courses, and be considered a member in good standing of the UF VBMA at their time of graduation. Click "Business Course Requirements" for a detailed summary of each required course.

Business Course Requirements:

  • Business Management & Professional Development (1 credit)

  • Veterinary Business Management (1 credit)

  • Entrepreneurship for Veterinarians (2 credits)

  • Veterinary Practice Management Externship (2 credits)

  • Individualized Investigation (2 credits)

  • Practice Based Equine Clerkship (2 credits)

Member in Good Standing Minimum Requirements:

(To be completed by graduation)

  • Paid membership dues

  • Attended 10 UF VBMA general body meetings

  • Attended 2 UF VBMA Business Conferences

  • Attended 1 UF VBMA Professional Dinner